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Animated video about a Colon Hydrotherapy session

Video link on how a colon hydrotherapy session will work.

Get to know how a colon hydrotherapy session operates in our modern open system.

Our Services & Treatments

Traditional &
Specialized Colonics

Open colonics for colon detoxification, constipation relief, anti-inflammatory treatment, stress relief, retraining of the bowel, healthy weight support, and more. We offer other specialized treatments that complements the colonics and can assist with immune support, IBS, constipation, sleep, stress, anxiety, hormonal issues, acne, skin problems, liver detoxification and alkalization of the body among other things.

Ionic Foot Detox

Provides a full body purge of all vital organs. This can alleviate skin problems, acne, sleep disorders, restlessness, stress, aches and pain, and even yeast infections.

Infrared Sauna

Infrared-sauna built with non-toxic or chemically treated wood with chromotherapy lighting for a full body detox. Activate your immune system, boost metabolism, burn calories, relax the muscles and detoxify your body at a celular level.

Laura Hernández, LMT,
Colon Hydrotherapist

Owner of True Colon Hydrotherapy Spa in Florida and Puerto Rico with 10 years of experience as a Colon Hydrotherapist. Laura is Advanced level I-ACT certified and Florida licensed by the NBCHT. She is also trained and certified by Christopher Demetriou, MD from NY GI Doctors in the ColoLavage technique for colonoscopy preparation.

How It Works

Video link on how a colon hydrotherapy session will work.

Get to know how a colon hydrotherapy session operates in our modern open system.

Video link on what to expect at an appointment.

GI Doctors talk about the benefits of colon hydrotherapy for colonoscopy prep and procedure.

Video link on GI doctor talking about the benefits of colonic.

Get a better understanding of what to expect before, during and after a colon hydrotherapy session.

The only state-of-the-art, open system colonic facility
in South Florida.

Unlike other colonics, our facility uses "open colonics." With an open colonic, clients can easily make their own insertion using a pinky size nozzle that is only 2 inches inserted. The colonic is performed in a comfortable, reclined position. The water pressure is 1/2-2 psi and is gravity fed. The client releases in a natural way (like sitting in a toilet) and is able to push whenever you want to. No matter what size or firmness, waste is passed around the rectal nozzle. You have privacy, but the process is monitored by a therapist. There is a 4 foot viewing tube parallel to the colonic bed. Water hydrates and provokes peristalsis which helps strengthen and tone the walls of the colon (a retraining of the bowel). When the session is finished the client stays seated on the colonic device until finish releasing, and a sprayer is attached to the device to rinse off after the session.

Others use a closed system.

Closed colonics use a bigger and wider nozzle, 1 inch wide; 5 inches inserted. The therapist makes the insertion while the client is lying on their side. The client lies in a massage table. Water pressure 1/2-2 psi and is not gravity fed. Client releases through a hose and can’t push. The therapist will massage the abdomen to help move the stool through the hose. Waste must fit into approx. 1 inch rectal tube. The therapist stays with the client the whole session filling them with water and helping them release through the nozzle and narrow hose. The viewing tube is a small window on wall unit. This doesn’t help with retraining of the colon. And when the session is finished, client must walk to the bathroom to finish releasing, and no sprayer is available to rinse off after the session.

Client Reviews & Testimonials

5 stars

Tracey G.

"Amazing place and service! So knowledgeable, exceptionally clean, and a..."

5 stars

Dr. K

"Laura is the ultimate professional in every way. Compassionate, concerne..."

5 stars

Rosetta C.

"This place is spotless. Good value for the service. I went 3 times already. Now I'm a..."

5 stars

Joandra D.

"I had my first visit today and I absolutely loved it. Laura is truly EXCEPTION..."

5 stars

Rosa V.

"This was my first experience
with colon hydrotherapy and I was pl..."

5 stars

Crystal N.

"Fantastic experience. I have been there 5 times for different treatments. Laur..."

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